What To Know About the Top SEO Companies in Philadelphia

What To Know About the Top SEO Companies in Philadelphia

SEO, which stands for “search engine optimization,” is the practice of optimizing specific content in order for it to be more readily discoverable through a search engine’s organic search results. Properly executed search engine optimization strategies can yield free traffic to one’s website, month after month after month. The top SEO companies in Philadelphia excel at understanding:

  •        How Search Engines Work
  •        How Search Engine Optimization Works
  •       What Are the Benefits?

How Search Engines Work

Search engine algorithms are not as simple as they were ten or even fifteen years ago. Their algorithms are constantly adapting to the new times and changing to try and prevent certain types of exploitative search engine optimization techniques from breaking through and allowing pages to rank higher than they should simply by means of keyword cramming. Search algorithms typically look at a handful of factors when determining how to rank a page in regards to its optimization, weighing the words of one’s search, the relevance and usability of the pages that result from that term, the reliability of the sources shown, and the location of the person who is searching the terms. The weight applied to each factor also depends on a number of separate factors, most notably the nature of one’s search; such as the recentness of the content one is looking for playing a greater role in answering questions about contemporary news topics than it would about how dictionaries define certain words. Google has emerged as one of the top search engines not only for the top search engine optimization service providers in Philadelphia, but all over the world, due to the reliability of its search engine’s algorithm. Essentially any search engine on the web can, to some extent, be subject to certain search engine optimization techniques. Google, however, maintains the most predictable algorithm for how pages are ranked, and how pages can be ranked higher as a result of these strategies and techniques.

How Search Engine Optimization Works

Search engine optimization works by essentially illustrating to search engines that the content being proposed is the most relevant and the most optimal result for the topic at hand. Search engines are made to have the same goal, which is to show the most ideal and most relevant results to their users. Moreover, search engine optimization strategists need to have a keen understanding in regards to how each search engine differs when it ranks web pages. Google, for instance, contains more than 200 different ranking factors. SEO-friendly websites will be able to exploit as many different factors as possible without overcrowding the web page with keywords or irrelevant information that is simply put up to grab attention. Also, link-related topics are ideal for raising a website’s rank. Web pages that link to other web pages are viewed favorably by the algorithm because web pages are unlikely to link to other sites that are inaccurate or distasteful and could potentially reflect badly on the linking site.

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