Lessons I Learned From International Business (College Course)

Lessons I Learned From International Business (College Course)

One lesson I learned in the group project was that when you are your group with an above-average number of people problems will arise. In our case, this arrived the form of a group member not working on the project that has been used on them. This was very frustrating to the remaining portion of the group because his shoddy work reflected poorly on the whole group as well as some times I was saddled with rewriting his portion with the project. Having a member not do their share from the work was a novice to be and I had to struggle with the remaining group on the way to approach the problem as Christians.

By working with the same group for the full semester we have got to know each other’s weaknesses and strengths therefore we could appropriately assign tasks to everyone member. The other main point I learned from your group project was required plenty of work to require a company into another country. This became apparent since the different sections with the project became due. When there was finished all of the information essential for the group project I looked back on all we’d done and I was impressed by the work there was placed into the project and exactly how it showed with the volume of data we’d gathered. Even though we didn’t own a regular with the information in our presentation, we did use all of the information to come for the conclusions that we presented.

I believe was had success in multiple aspects of our group project but we’d particular success within our financial information. Since it was our goal to get an investment opportunity that would make a lot of money we decided it would please take a large investment to create a sizable return. We asked the investors for 141 million dollars so we would have been able to pay them back into two years with a 12% monthly interest. Simply obtaining the financial information fairly realistic and workable I believe would be positive results for the team.

There is usually room for improvement in an organization project and our project was no exception. Our biggest problem was that people failed to rehearse the presentation completely as an organization, some of our members did meet and review the basics in our presentation but we were never able to find everyone together with time to correctly rehearse our everlasting sales pitch. This resulted in a bit of confusion during the presentation which took away much of our professional feel. Aside from not practicing together, I think that lots of people in my group didn’t practice enough on their own, my self included, and our presentation suffered if we rambled in front of the class because they had not gotten their information into a practiced succinct pitch.

Overall I thought our presentation was very professional but we could have taken it for the next level if we had practiced as a bunch repeatedly and our members had taken more hours to apply their particular points. If I were to start this project throughout I would ensure that my group had clear communication of what was expected of each one member including quality at work and time at which the project needs to be turned in. Throughout the project, I would like to see better communication between my team to ensure that most people are on a similar page. Lastly, I would set out to plan for the presentation beforehand so that there would be the required time to rehearse as friends and perfect the presentation.

Throughout this class, we learned many international business lessons and something from the earliest lessons was that the four Ps, product, price, place, and promotion should also be utilized at the international level. We also found that knowing the culture is vital towards the success of the business that is going international, by giving us examples such as Disneyland in Japan versus Disneyland in France we got real companies misunderstanding the culture and being a result losing a huge amount of money. Learning the main difference between P serious amounts of M time is extremely practical and may save a lot of your time if I ever go take my career into a P time society. The most crucial thing I believe I learned in these kinds was the need for knowing your marketplace because this is after that create a business succeed or fail. Knowing one’s market inside a foreign country can be hard because you have to overcome different languages, social structures, and attitude patters. When I go into my future career I will remember the significance of knowing my audience and respecting their culture.

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