Quality and Strong Backlink Building Strategy

Quality and Strong Backlink Building Strategy

Quality and Strong Backlink Building Strategy

It is no longer necessary to explain how important backlinks for a website are in terms of SEO. As long as Google and other search engines still exist, then backlinks always have an important role to increase the rank of a website in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Backlink is one of the most important factors in terms of SEO. And of course, it’s important to build backlinks for a blogger. But not just any backlinks. Quality and effectiveness are the most important.

The quality and effectiveness of backlinks are often influenced by many factors, such as the source of backlinks, numbers, variations, anchor text and much more. Source of backlinks, variations and anchor text is certainly more important than just looking for a lot of backlinks (number). Amount does not guarantee the ranking of a website if it turns out that the backlink is of poor quality. In addition, too much amount can also make problematic websites considered SPAM. This actually results in a decline in the ranking of a website in search engines and even deindex. And this exactly how Scottsdale SEO Company LinkHelpers will do to help you to increase your website’s SEO value.

Backlink Building Strategy

1. Use of Variative Anchor Text

If previously you were accustomed to using anchor text exactly like the targeted keywords (exact match), then from now on change by varying anchor text based on the brand, URL and other variations of words. Indeed, a few years ago using Anchor Text in exact matches was popular and always worked, but since the era of Google Panda and Penguin, this method is not recommended because it can make your website in trouble.

Percentage of Anchor Text recommended for backlinks is more or less like this:

0-15% for Exact Match, for example: SEO services, cheap hosting, online shop hours, modern hijab, make money, etc.

10 – 80% for brands, for example Bing, Yahoo, etc.)

30-80% for Random, for example, click here, see the website and other words)

The numbers don’t have to be the same, the percentage is only an estimate of the portion. In essence, let’s make the anchor text more varied.

2. Nofollow and DoFollow Rails

Conscious or not, there are a lot of bloggers and internet marketers who often underestimate nofollow links and only look for dofollow links to give their website ‘eat’. Right? But in fact, there are many websites that rank well in search engines after getting enough nofollow backlinks. You could say, nofollow links will not contribute to page rank (since page rank was not updated in 2012, the indicator we are using now is DA – PA from MOZ), a website, but will still provide link juice.

3. Variative Backlink Sources (Link Diversity)

Just because backlinks from .edu and .gov provide high scores are very good for a website, it does not mean you are only constantly looking for these backlinks. In fact, providing a variety of backlinks will be very important to make your website “strong” in search engines. In fact, a website will get a better position in the search engine if it gets links from various types of websites, not just one source.

For backlink hunters, vary your backlinks by building them from various sources, such as Web 2.0 (WordPress.com, etc.), social media, blog rolls, web PDF sharing, image sharing sites, image sharing sites, social bookmarking, forums, etc. The more variety of backlink sources, the better for your website.

4. Backlink from a Relevant Source

Backlink sources can be from anywhere. In general, this is true, but if you want quality backlinks and are not flat, then start looking for relevant backlink sources because this relevancy link is very important. This relevant source means coming from a website source that discusses topics / niches similar to your website. Similarly, if your website has a niche in health, beauty, news or sport, look for websites with the same topic to get quality and relevant backlinks. This Relevancy link not only applies to websites, but also with content.

5. Distribution of Links to Websites is not only for Home Page

Don’t just give a link to the home page, make it a habit to provide backlinks to other pages and content on your website. Many bloggers are only focused on providing backlinks to the home page so that the links they get seem unnatural. It would be better if you also provide links to other pages that are on your website.

6. The Right Time

Hunting backlinks should not be done in a hurry but gradually so as not to seem spamming, but natural. There are some people who build 100 backlinks one day but don’t hunt at all the next day, and then look for another week or a month later in greater numbers. Building backlinks is not done like someone who is chasing a deposit. If you do this trick, instead of increasing the position of the website in the search engine, it will decrease position and deindex. Do it gradually but consistently, so that the backlinks you get seem natural and not excessive.

Also pay attention to the age of your website. If the age is still new, you should not be in a hurry because it is certainly normal if the new domain still has few backlinks. If forced, your website can actually be in danger.

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