My Parents’ House Was Robbed

I knew that I needed to find an emergency locksmith in Brisbane before my parents came home from their holiday. So many people knew that they were going to be gone for two weeks, and I guess that is where they made their mistake. There were just too many people who knew the house was going to be empty. It would be one thing if it was just their friends who had been told of this extended holiday trip, but they had been posting about it on social media. I get they were excited and wanted to share their happiness, but they also shared that their house would be empty too!

When I went over the night before they were to get home, I was surprised to find the house broken into. There was so much damage inside, and I had no idea what all was stolen beyond the bigger items. I contacted the police who came out immediately. They were the ones who told me to contact a locksmith since the locks on the door were broken. I definitely did not want to leave the house like that overnight, so I took their advice and contacted a local locksmith that the police recommended.

He was able to come out right away, and he had new locks put on the front door within the hour. He also talked to me about security systems after he told me that they would have been a huge help to the police. When he said that they would have perhaps prevented the crime altogether, I knew that I was going to have my parents talk with him too as soon as they got home. This did put a damper on their holiday, but they remained in good spirits, knowing they had learned a valuable lesson about social media.

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