Start-Ups Incorporation Services At A1 In Singapore

Start-Ups Incorporation Services At A1 In Singapore

At A1 Business, we know the difficulties of undertaking and transforming an idea into a successful start-up that is why we put all our tools to make it a reality providing incorporation services.

Start-Ups Incorporation Services At A1 In Singapore

Technical configuration and assistance for marketing campaigns adapted to the needs of your company. We will offer you everything you need to get off to a good start and guarantee the success of your first campaign with us.

We design an offer of incorporation services and solutions in line with the challenges of modern companies and institutions, accompanying the paradigm shift in business and technology from a people-centred perspective using agile methodologies and a multidisciplinary approach.

We adapt our management and incorporation services to the specific needs of new entrepreneurs. We put all our resources and knowledge at your fingertips so that you can constitute your company in the most appropriate way and with the guarantee of having a team of expert advisors in taxation, accounting, finance and law.

Please go through this link and take advice on the type of corporate figure most suitable for your project.


One of the first reasons why it may be important to incorporate the company has to do with launching a first product to the market. It is important to distinguish a product from a website advertising the product, an MVP (the minimum viable version of a product) or even a beta version to be tested by a select group of customers. While in these cases it is not necessary to formalize the project – because everyone involved understands that it is not yet the final version of the product – once the formal launch occurs it is advisable to consider if the time has not come to give the great He passed.

This is because, in case something goes wrong and, for some reason, a client decides to sue the company; or if it were necessary to pay compensation for damages of some kind, if this is not incorporated, the partners will have to face these obligations with their own name and capital.

 You got one or more real customers

This is a case similar to the previous one, and is applied mainly to companies related to services, or B2B projects that target corporate clients with large contracts. In these cases it is convenient to do A1 company incorporation in Singapore in such a way as to mitigate the risk, and avoid being prey to a legal suit on a personal basis if something goes wrong.

You need to hire new employees

If the business is growing and it is necessary to hire new employees, it may be necessary to incorporate the company. While it is rare to arrive at this stage without first having taken the step of formally constituted, it is possible to have grown rapidly from a de facto society.

It is always convenient to hire from an incorporated company. This has to do with the fact that, otherwise, when faced with a problem with an employee or a labor demand, the partners must respond with their own assets. And this can result in a great loss for them.

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