Adding Programming to My Mobile Plan

I have had AT&T for nearly a dozen years. I knew that they had recently merged with Directv, but I had never researched adding that service to my package. I had cable from a local company, and I was happy enough with them. However, once I received a letter stating they were raising my prices by nearly 20 dollars a month, I knew it was time to look for other options. I looked here and there on the internet because I wanted to find the best deal. That is what is so great about finding entertainment nowadays.

When I first moved here, cable was really my only option unless I wanted to go with a satellite company. I liked the offer given to me by the local company because they were on an aggressive campaign to win customers from the satellite TV companies. Nowadays though, it seems people are streaming programs more than watching them as they air. That is not good news for the cable companies, but it is great news for us consumers. I looked at the different options, and I was really impressed with the bundling options that AT&T offers if you are already a customer.

I am used to companies going after new customers and saving their best promotions for them. That AT&T wants to pass on significant savings to existing customers really meant a lot to me, and it helps that the promotion I was able to get was the best one I could find anyway. I am really excited about this because I am saving a lot of money every month without having to sacrifice anything in the process. I still get all of my favorite channels, and I even get a few more that I was not able to get before. It feels good to finally feel respected as a customer!

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