Steps To Consider When Starting A Gym


Plenty of trainers wish to start a gym but haven’t a clue where to start. Their passion, purpose, people skills and fitness knowledge is waiting to be unleashed. Unfortunately, the idea of beginning their fitness center weighs on them.

Plenty of questions are bound, where can one begin, what obstacles is one likely to encounter and the amount of money is needed to start and it can be quite frightening. Below we share a guide to starting a gym.

Creating a Realistic Plan

Planning is a critical factor when it comes to setting up a gym. A business plan helps you to think through every step of setting up the business covering costs and revenue projections.

A plan constructs a realistic picture of the future and having an individual that understands business operations to help with the project. Moreover, Google will give you access to several software packages that can help you create an excellent business plan.

Creating a budget that contains marketing funds, equipment funds, rent, attorneys fees, insurance, utilities, accounting and cleaning services. Initial budgetary revenues should be based on the least number of clientele you anticipate to come with you.

Be sure to think of all the things that might end up costing you money. Building and equipment costs will add up over time even if it is a small sum every day that needs to get spent. Make sure all the big necessities are taken care of first. Mainly things such as heat and electricity along with adequate plumbing and a clean water source for drinking should be thought of first and then all the offshoots of those necessities should be looked at. For example bath and shower rooms will have to be separated as well as the potential for a needed “family” bathroom.

Spend quality time with gym owners across the country. Learn how they began their journey, the pitfalls to expect and overcome. Pick their brain on the expenses and operating costs and discover what makes them stand out.

Subscribe to online forums where gym owners hang out and look through the discussion to see which issues are most discussed and how to attend to them.

Lawyer Up

Before launching a gym, ensure that you’ve taken necessary legal steps to protect your business. For a partnership, the contractual agreements should spell out every detail i.e. finances, hours worked, profit sharing and roles.

The agreement should also define an exit strategy so that all parties involved are protected. An attorney will be the best-placed individual to create a legal framework for your business.

His/her role will be to register the business, acquire required permits and introduce other things that you might have neglected or overlooked. Legal advice is crucial for covering issues such as claims and losses.

An accountant will help define and make you understand financing and taxation. With a legal and accounting team behind the business, you are on your way to creating a formidable business.

Creating Sufficient Funds 

Funding is a big challenging to most people wanting to start a gym. Planning ahead and carrying out adequate research makes it easy to create a workable budget. Costs vary with the type of gym being opened.

A smaller fitness gym costs way less than a 24hr gym with plenty of equipment. A larger space in a prime location will fetch a higher rent. If you are adding on more trainer, your budget will also blow up.

After getting the final estimates on monies to use, you should next adjust your current lifestyle and divert funds to your business. Remember sacrifices turn a dream into reality.


Starting a fitness gym is a scary but a highly rewarding experience. For passionate entrepreneurs, creating a gym allows you to live a paying career that sees one make a significant difference in the members’ lives.

The journey can be intimidating, the challenges and obstacles might seem unbearable, but a cruel person will overcome and create a fitness gymnasium that helps improve lives.