Patrick Imbardelli – A Leader Who Excels In Devising Strategies In The Hotel Industry

The hotel industry faces innumerable challenges and hotels that are comparatively new within the industry suffer the most. Because of a fierce competition, it no more seems easy to attract travelers. If they fail to do so, companies opt for a phased exit from their hospitality business. They instead, prefer to invest somewhere else where there is potential to make profits.

So, they seek the help of professionals to devise new strategies that can be implemented and let them make a niche for themselves. However, only a few professionals have the expertise needed to do the same successfully in a time bound manner, but Patrick Imbardelli is an exception. He has always excelled in devising strategies that help the company to get a strong foothold in the market and increase the footfall of travelers to their hotels. His emphasis is always on ensuring customer satisfaction, and the right marketing strategy.

A successful career as a leader in the hotel industry

Mr. Imbardelli is among the few ones in the industry, who with his vast experience and knowledge has always managed to impress everyone. He keeps a tab on not only the top contenders in the hotel industry but also on the local laws of various countries so that devising a strategy for a chain of hotels in a distant country is never a problem. With a solid homework, he believes in initiating his work.

He has served the industry in numerous positions i.e. as a Group Director, Deputy CEO, Deputy Group Director, President, and Chief Executive in prominent hotel chains across the world. This alone speaks volume of his efficiency in devising winning strategies. Moreover, he is someone who believes in thinking innovatively as innovation is the key to success. His unique strategies, whenever have been implemented have yielded desired results.


Exceptional academic background

Patrick Imbardelli has an exceptional academic career that sets him apart from the rest. After graduating from the City University of New York, he does his masters in Finance, and that makes him wise to develop an understanding of the complexities in managing finances.

He even completed a four-week program in the Hilton International Career Development Institute (CDI) New York. The knowledge that he gained during the program tenure helped him immensely to achieve success in the hotel industry. Contrary to others who after getting a good job, refrain themselves from investing their time in learning new things, he persistently keeps on learning new things to cope with the managerial challenges that he face at his job.

Lastly, one can conclude that Mr. Imbardelli is a true leader who understands his responsibilities well and executes them brilliantly. Other than his vast knowledge base and experience, his hard work and dedication are the other two big factors that have massively contributed in establishing him as the best one in the hotel industry in terms of formulating strategies. For his excellence, he was recognized as hotelier of the year twice-once in 2006, and then in the year 2011.