Recruit Passive Candidates the Right Way

When you run a business or corporation, you don’t just want anyone working for you, you want the best – the best of the best. In order for your business to function efficiently and more importantly, to grow, you need an exceptional team you can trust behind your brand who share your vision and have the skills to perform their jobs flawlessly. Unfortunately, in this day and age it can often be difficult to find available potential employees with the right skillset to effortlessly move into your open position. Rather than spend months or even years training a new employee who may eventually flounder, it is much more prudent to push a little harder and find the right person for the job the first time around. Quite often the perfect person to fill your vacancy listing, especially in the case of management of CEO positions, is someone who is already employed.


A passive candidate is someone who already has a job, but is open to the possibility of moving to another firm, should the right opportunity arise. These individuals can be difficult to weed out and approach, particularly when they may not be passive candidates at all and are currently working for your competition. The most discreet and efficient way to recruit these individuals is through the use of an established, well-known headhunting firm, such as Argentus – one of the top headhunters in Canada. A recruiter can be discreet, and if the person you are interested in is open to accepting an offer, they can work on your behalf to ensure it goes through smoothly. Headhunters know how to recruit passive candidates, and since they constantly utilize the practice, they have established techniques and legal documents in place that can ensure your company’s offer is kept completely confidential, no matter the circumstance. Check out if you have more questions on the recruiting process of passive candidates for your company.

There are many advantages to recruiting a passive candidate, not the least of which is that they are more likely to meet your desired qualifications exactly as you envisioned them. Additionally, studies have shown that employees who were hired through passive means remain at a company 21% longer than employees who were actively searching for a job. If you think about this logically it makes sense – employees hired passively chose to join your business because they believed it was the perfect fit for them, whereas employees who were actively searching for a position may have only agreed to your job because they were desperate and needed the money. Candidates that were hired passively, also tend to have more of a sense of loyalty to their new employer since the hiring process tends to be a little longer.

If your business is looking for talent and has had difficulty locating the right people, you should consider utilizing the services of a top recruiter to search out passive candidates for you. There are many advantages to hiring passive talent over active talent, the most important of which is that they will likely be exactly what you are looking for.