Why Businesses Need Marketing Consultants on Side

marketing consultants

For many businesses both large and small, marketing is a necessary yet slightly tiresome task. When your core, day-to-day activities drive most of your business’ profit, it can sometimes seem like a waste of time to focus an extra hour of the day on marketing activities. But that’s not the case, marketing is essential to practically every business, and there’s no way of getting around the importance it can play in the way a firm’s success pans out. That’s why all businesses should strongly consider investing in a marketing consultant who can help them get their new business operation running smoothly. Whether it’s a social media maestro to help your firm go the distance on Facebook or a B2B expert who knows how to get sales sorted out, there’s a marketing consultant out there for you.

Make the most of the internet

Every business owner knows that the internet is full of potential to both change how our society works and how our economy functions too. Fewer business owners, however, know how to make the most of the internet for marketing purposes. Employing a marketing consultant provides a great return on investment then, because they have the skills to get into the nitty gritty of the marketing platforms on offer.

Even if you’re familiar with the basics off or instance Google advertising, it’s often a good idea to get an expert consultant in to help you push the potential of your business’ ad even further. That’s because there are all kinds of tips and tricks out there which only experts tend to know. Did you know, for example, that you’re much more likely to drive click-throughs on your Google advert if it contains a figure or a statistic about your business? It’s these kinds of insights which a marketing consultant who has been there and done that before can provide.

Marketing ethics

As the world of marketing often involves making claims which persuade people to spend cash, it’s important that it’s done in a truthful and transparent way. This is an issue that industry leaders have been quick to pick up on in recent years, too. Business consultant Stan Gershengoren has written that sticking to ethical codes is something that many consultancy professionals consider so important that it’s a “matter of personal reputation” – and with Stan Gershengoren enjoying lots of experience in the marketing world, it’s clear he knows what he’s talking about.

Industry codes of practice which promote ethical dealings are in place to regulate all different types of marketing, and to ensure that customers get a fair deal. By employing a marketing consultant rather than relying on intuition, you won’t have to worry about falling foul of these rules or creating a campaign which backfires on your reputation. The consultant will usually be well-versed in all aspects of marketing rules and laws and will be able to advise on a whole host of ethical issues.

Cheaper and easier

Hiring a marketing consultant is not always the cheapest option, and it’s possible to find yourself paying upwards of $50,000 per year for a full time, mid or even junior-level marketing consultant depending on what industry or city you’re in, but there are plenty of ways around this problem. Many marketing consultants, for example, actively choose to work on a freelance basis, meaning that you don’t need to hire them for the long term. In fact, you can hire a marketing consultant in any way which suits your business’ needs.

If you decide you require the assistance of an expert once per week, for example, you can easily employ someone for just one day. Fixed-term contract work, meanwhile, is especially suited to setup jobs such as creating a Google AdWords presence or making a Facebook page to promote your business. No matter what sort of marketing task you need done, though, the highly dynamic freelance marketing workforce will most likely be able to help.

Having at least one marketing consultant on side is essential for the modern business owner. Not only does it help you to make the most of the exciting avenues for new sales opportunities, it also means that you can perform public and industry outreach without having to worry about getting it wrong or making a faux pas. And while it may initially seem as though there are lots of barriers to sorting out your marketing, such as the cost of a full-time team member, this doesn’t have to be the case. With freelance work on the rise, it’s clear that there are lots of cost-effective options no matter what your budget might be.

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