Website Content Design: Tips to Maximize Display and Conversion


Do you understand? That you need to make good content if you use content marketing to build your website traffic. But that’s not enough. If you only provide plain text in all your posts, almost no one will read it, no matter how good your content is.

Therefore, you must create readable content. And to be read, you have two choices:

  • Content that is easy to read: clear content in such a way and clearly read by the reader without any confusion or misunderstanding.
  • Content that is fun to read: the best content that can attract and engage readers to respond. The format of your content affects their reading experience.

The key is in selecting topics and good writing skills. However, the biggest part of making readable content is the text and design format.

Marketers who don’t have an understanding of this will find many obstacles and problems when trying to increase their website conversions. And now is an opportunity for you to learn it.


Tip # 1: Design the background

An important part of an interesting content format is to find ways to make your content stand out more than other content pages published on the Internet every day.

First, choose the right color: Choose at least a maximum of 3 different colors in the background. You need to choose colors that can make your content look attractive along with its appearance and quite different from other content pages.

Second, apply CSS to every part of your content: even though you don’t understand CSS, but you can still learn it even though it will take some time to learn HTML and CSS. or if you don’t want to bother you can visit LinkHelpers Scottsdale Website Design. They can help you to produce attractive content with various interesting web designs.


Tip # 2: Include interesting images

Very few people enjoy reading with a lot of written text and a little picture. The most common way to create interesting content is to use images. But if you use images that are also used by others, that means your content looks the same as other people’s content. So, you need an image with HD that is not easy to find on other websites. So you have two choices:

  1. Using the icon image
  2. Hire the services of a graphic designer


Tip # 3: Guide your website visitors using color

When the time comes you want to direct the attention of your website visitors, color is the right weapon. If you find a website with a white background then there is a colored circle wherever it is on the page, guess what the first time someone will see when creating the page? Circle, you’re right. You can use these tips to email your opt-ins and important links to improve your conversion rating.


Tip # 4: Nothing is more entertaining than multimedia

You must like infographics. Of course in making it requires a lot of ideas and effort but readers will like it. One reason for using infographics is because of limitations in writing content.

By using infographics, you will be easier to show than explaining your content. Seeing images to get an explanation of complicated data is a much easier way for the reader and certainly it’s also fun.

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