A Financial Advisor for Young Adults

Are you looking for a financial advisor for young adults? There are several options available to you. These include Finimize, Neal, Euretig, and the like. If you’re a young adult in the early stages of your career, financial planning can be broken down into 3 phases or levels. Read on to learn more. We’ll examine the benefits of each service. But first, consider the different types of financial advisors for young professionals.


As a financial advisor for young adults, Finimize aims to educate its subscribers on how to make wise decisions in their finances. By distilling financial matters into an easy-to-read format, Finimize emails highlight successful institutions and companies. These emails are written in a simple, concise format, so readers can read them in about three minutes. The service also offers a student discount. Subscribers get a daily newsletter with financial news, so they can keep up with personal finance trends and information.

For example, a regular newsletter sent out by Finimize explains the world’s markets. The emails even have emoji-packed subject lines like “How do you spell recession?” While Finimize is free, if its content proves popular, it could soon become a subscription service. In the meantime, this new tool is disrupting the financial services industry by challenging the myths surrounding robo advice.


The fees for working with Neal are typically $200 an hour, or 1% of the assets managed. The scope of the work will determine the specific fee. Neal’s strengths include avoiding unnecessary financial worry … READ MORE ...