A Financial Advisor for Young Adults

A Financial Advisor for Young Adults

Are you looking for a financial advisor for young adults? There are several options available to you. These include Finimize, Neal, Euretig, and the like. If you’re a young adult in the early stages of your career, financial planning can be broken down into 3 phases or levels. Read on to learn more. We’ll examine the benefits of each service. But first, consider the different types of financial advisors for young professionals.


As a financial advisor for young adults, Finimize aims to educate its subscribers on how to make wise decisions in their finances. By distilling financial matters into an easy-to-read format, Finimize emails highlight successful institutions and companies. These emails are written in a simple, concise format, so readers can read them in about three minutes. The service also offers a student discount. Subscribers get a daily newsletter with financial news, so they can keep up with personal finance trends and information.

For example, a regular newsletter sent out by Finimize explains the world’s markets. The emails even have emoji-packed subject lines like “How do you spell recession?” While Finimize is free, if its content proves popular, it could soon become a subscription service. In the meantime, this new tool is disrupting the financial services industry by challenging the myths surrounding robo advice.


The fees for working with Neal are typically $200 an hour, or 1% of the assets managed. The scope of the work will determine the specific fee. Neal’s strengths include avoiding unnecessary financial worry and helping his clients reach important life goals. He is also bilingual and has experience teaching English as a Second Language in the New York City public schools. Here are some things to consider when hiring Neal as a financial advisor.

Kevin Neal has a passion for football. He started training as a young player for Tottenham FC and played for them until he was fifteen years old. Throughout his career, Kevin has continued to work in the football industry. He was captain of the Prudential football team Ibis for seven years and is a season ticket holder at Spurs FC. Neal has also worked with Premiership football players, including the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Kane.


In college, Elizabeth Euretig studied English as a Second Language, but she became fascinated with finance and financial planning after working at low-income neighborhood schools in New York City. She eventually earned a CFP and worked for a high-net-worth RIA firm in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Despite her passion for financial planning, Euretig never felt comfortable working with clients with big fortunes.

While many financial advisors understand that millennials are increasingly discerning and sophisticated consumers, most do not fully understand their needs or the needs of this group. As a result, many millennials perceive financial planners as catering to older, wealthy clients. As such, many millennials are looking for financial services that are more tailored to their lifestyles and goals. Euretig aims to fill this gap and provide a better service to millennials.

Finimize is a financial advisor for young adults

In Finimize’s email newsletter, subscribers receive a daily dose of business and finance news in a jargon-free format. The emails are usually short and sweet, with subjects like “How do you spell recession?” Despite being free, Finimize has the potential to turn into a subscription service. In the meantime, it threatens the asymmetry of information in the financial advice industry.

The app allows users to create a personal financial plan based on the information they provide. The app has a library of more than 50 audio guides and financial articles on financial matters. The app also gives users easy access to investment guides that explain basic investing principles. Topics covered include diversified investment portfolios, choosing initial investments, and general investing strategies. However, while the app is a valuable tool for new investors, it should not be considered an investment advisory service.

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