3 Tips For Creating A Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

3 Tips For Creating A Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

As an internet marketer, it can seem like there’s a never-ending list of tips for getting more traffic to your site and generating more sales, but what if there was an effective inbound marketing strategy that could drive targeted traffic right where you want them-your customers. Wouldn’t that be great? Here’s how to create a targeted inbound marketing strategy that works.

Work On Your Goals

One important piece of advice before you jump in: The more work you put in each step of your plan, the more targeted your results will be. A quick refresher on inbound marketing strategies. Work on your goals first.

Replace your sales funnel with the flywheel. Design a system that works in conjunction with your marketing goals. Map out the buyer journey for each prospect. Refine your customer persona profiles. Create a marketing and sales funnel that works in harmony with what you are trying to accomplish in terms of business.

Tap Into The Power Of Social Media

Social media channels (such as Facebook and Twitter) provide an amazing opportunity for you to get in front of your ideal customers. These two platforms provide you with a way to develop relationships with prospects & convert them into customers. You also have the opportunity to follow up on prospects that you’ve communicated with via social media. If a prospect decides to explore your product via Twitter, they’ll show up in your marketing mix.

Lead Capture Software

If you’re not using lead capture software, you’re leaving opportunities for sales to be made on your behalf. Lead capture software takes the information from your pages and enables you to connect with your ideal buyers via email, phone calls, & even text messages. By using a process of lead capture, you can follow up on all the leads that you have generated and instantly remove them from your funnel – freeing up time to work on your primary purpose for your business.


As you can see, there are many different things you can do to build an effective inbound marketing strategy. The three techniques we mentioned above are the most critical components of an inbound marketing strategy. The key is to find a way to create a seamless flow from the inbound marketing you are using to the marketing in which you want to promote. Once you’ve optimized your funnel, you will discover that you have the luxury of time to focus on the marketing activities that matter. By implementing these strategies in addition to the ones we’ve talked about, you’ll quickly find that you are enjoying a steady stream of prospects without ever feeling like you are running a “blindly” business.

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