The New Life Is Near with ADONIS

The New Life Is Near with ADONIS

Fertility problems are a highly important and common theme now. Bad habits, unsatisfactory ecology, air quality and many other aspects affect our health. We should be more attentive and careful toward our own body. 

The professional assistance in this area is highly valued, the ADONIS qualified help is the best choice for your fertility problems. We will protect your future and ensure the healthy procreation.  

ADONIS Private Fertility clinic has been helping people from the whole world for more than 23 years. Successful results, experience gained from cases of different complexity and comfort staying in the green zones – the main advantages of our assistance. The main, but not the only ones. 

Fertility treatment for the most common (and rare ones) disorders are provided within several directions:

  •  Treatment based on IVF technology
  •  Gestational Surrogacy treatment 
  •  Prenatal care treatment and support
  •  Delivery complexes 

 ADONIS center for reproductive medicine is the fully equipped medical establishment, which meets all norms of the Ministry of Health and provides infertility treatment based on worldwide standards. 

Our skilled medical staff include doctors and counselors from Europe and the USA with renowned skills and the latest technologies’ usage. 

ADONIS Innovations and Dignity

ADONIS is always moving with the times. That’s why the latest equipment and premises are represented for our clients. 

ADONIS’ own embryo laboratory which deals with andrology (a branch of medicine that qualifies as men, male anatomy, and physiology, male genital diseases and methods of their treatment) provides the best examinations which are essential for the greatest results.

ADONIS’ own cryobank to help you with cryo storage of the most valuable genetic material (male/female gametes, embryos, sperm/ovum donors). 

ADONIS’ own male/female diagnostics with the usage of the best examination equipment certified in Europe and the USA. Because the right infertility treatment begins from the proper and direct tests to know all tiniest aspects of the partners’ health. 

ADONIS’ own Maternity Hospitals with the best support for mothers and their babies. Qualificative medical assistance from the very first days is the bail of exceptional health during the whole life.   

Promos and Prices 

The real opportunity to get the professional treatment with the most affordable prices is possible in ADONIS clinics (the reasoning fact which is based on the pricing of Olive Fertility clinic and many others).

We maintain the great level of prices on the Fertility treatment and programs with great fillings. Both medical and non-madical support is provided during your stay till the full recovery. 

Сonstantly updated promos and new programs will be a real pleasure for our future clients. Stay tuned and watch our ADONIS website to know everything first and not to lose the chance.   

Discover the new sides of technological infertility treatment with ADONIS centers for reproductive health. Your greatest opportunities and unbelievable future are already waiting for your first step. Don’t be afraid – make a choice!

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