Marketing of Food and Beverage

Food and beverage marketing plan is a written document that translates ongoing market research into action plans and strategies. The process includes selecting target markets and marketing objectives, developing action plans, evaluating marketing plans, and monitoring and evaluating action plans. It involves a combination of positioning and advertising tactics. Some companies engage in product licensing, which allows them to sell another owner’s product in their own brand. Other companies use pro formas to project future sales and profits.

Sports sponsorships

Although children’s television viewing patterns are not explicitly targeted by sports programming, the sponsorships during these programs do expose young viewers to unhealthy products. The study was conducted with the use of Nielsen ratings and questioned whether or not children under 12 are exposed to the sponsorship commercials. The authors concluded that children were likely to be influenced by the ads. More research is needed to determine the impact of sports sponsorships on children’s eating habits.

Whether the relationship is beneficial for the sporting body and the sponsors is difficult to determine. Sponsorships can benefit both the sponsor brand and the fan-consumer, but there are risks to aligning with unhealthy brands. Thus, more research is needed to evaluate the benefits of such sponsorships. It is important to note that the impact of the sponsorships on children’s behaviour, attitudes should be assessed. To date, there are few studies that quantify the impact of such sponsorships on kids.

Athletes as powerful marketing tools

In the food and beverage industry, athlete endorsements are … READ MORE ...