Top Digital Marketing Courses To Boost Your Career In 2019

An online digital marketing course is a great way to kick start your career or to boost your current knowledge. No one will ever be the ultimate marketing expert and everyone can do with learning that little bit extra. Whether you want to expand your current knowledge or branch out in to a new area of expertise, an online marketing course can be perfect for you. UK Car Finance has compiled a list of all the best online digital marketing course for you to sign up to in 2019. Depending on what you’re after, we have included a range of free/paid and beginner/expert level courses.

Top Digital Marketing Courses To Boost Your Career In 2019

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Course

This is one of the most popular online courses in the market right now, with over 137,000 marketers already completing it and it’s totally free! The course is great for any marketing or sales professional looking to expand their knowledge of inbound marketing. Simply put, inbound marketing is how you attract and retain customers by providing insightful and trustworthy content through your website, blog and social media channels. The certification is globally recognised and enables you to develop an inbound marketing strategy that delivers results.

Linkedin Online Marketing Foundations

The Online Marketing Foundations course from Linkedin is great for anyone at the start of their digital marketing career. The course takes you through a whole host of important digital marketing strategies such as website optimisation, social media, SEO, engaging web content, working with designers and developers, the conversion funnel and more! … READ MORE ...