Safety Tips That Everyone Should Know Before Moving

When planning a move, you may not think about the things that can go wrong. While you certainly don’t want to worry unnecessarily, you should be aware of safety hazards to make sure you don’t have any issues that could have been prevented. One of the biggest culprits of moving injuries is packing sharp items and forgetting where you put them. While it seems minor, a packing knife can cause serious damage, probably more than you realize.

Safety Tips That Everyone Should Know Before Moving

There are also hazards associated with the actual move, especially when you don’t hire a moving company or someone to help with the truck or cargo trailer. Fortunately, services for any trailer hitch installation king county wa are available to ensure you don’t make the mistake of improperly securing the trailer. While it might take extra time to ensure everything is properly attached, it’s time well spent. There’s much more to consider.

When packing, there’s a tendency to try and fit as many items in a box as possible. At the time, your focus is often on getting it done so you can move on to the next task. While efficiency and speed is good, you definitely don’t want to fill the box with items totaling more than 70 pounds. Even if you think you can handle it, moving is not the time to test your strength. Since you probably won’t be moving alone, keep in mind that the people helping you will not want to lift heavy boxes. Even if they do, you can cause an injury that ends up costing you. There is a liability associated with moving, even if it’s friends and family helping you.

Even if you don’t overfill boxes, there’s still a chance that an injury can occur if everyone involved fails to use proper lifting procedures. It might sound like a lot to ask, but you should definitely encourage proper lifting. That includes making sure you bend at your knees, which is a rule that people know about, but don’t always follow. It often seems natural to bend at your waist, which can end up causing a back injury. It’s also important to hold heavy boxes closer to your body because it can help to keep your balance and avoid a fall.

Dehydration is a very serious issue that can cause a problem if not addressed promptly. While moving, it’s easy to get so involved in the process that you don’t stop and take time to drink water, which is a big mistake. The type of strenuous activity usually involved in moving requires you to drink plenty of water so that you don’t end up in urgent care feeling dizzy, which is one symptom of dehydration. In fact, you should also eat a healthy meal and get plenty of rest because you’re more likely to have an injury if you’re dehydrated, hungry and tired. Following these tips will help to ensure your move is free of injury and damage to your personal belongings.

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