Examples of Digital Marketing Strategies

Examples of Digital Marketing Strategies

There are many examples of digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing has the potential to reach customers at every stage of the customer journey. Users can interact with content at every step of the process, from awareness to interest to evaluation/consideration, purchase, and loyalty. Through the various digital channels, customers interact with the brand and take action by responding to calls-to-action on ad creatives and landing pages. Here are some examples of digital marketing strategies.

Radio advertising

A successful radio advertising campaign needs to be creative. It must be relatable to listeners so they can visualize the message. The most engaging radio ads have characters that are believable and easy to relate to. This will capture the attention of listeners and pique their interest. Radio is an effective medium for digital marketing, especially if the target audience is diverse. Here are some tips on how to create memorable radio ads.

Electronic billboards

Many small businesses are starting to use digital billboards in lieu of traditional ones to create brand awareness. While billboards are still an effective form of advertising, they tend to cost more. Depending on location, demand, and other factors, some types of digital billboards can be more effective than others. Here are some tips on using digital billboards to boost your business’s awareness. And don’t be shy to ask for advice if you need it.

Native advertising

In the world of native advertising, media companies must tread carefully, as one mistake could tarnish the brand of the media company. Social media and display ads are notoriously targeted, and as such, they can have an adverse effect on the brand of the media company. To avoid this problem, media companies should avoid partnering with clients who are unlikely to meet their standards. One great example of a successful collaboration between a media company and a publisher is the Vice Media portal, which invites users to experience South London through original articles, videos, and an explorable map. While it does subtly reference Airbnb, the website has a clear, standalone value. Similarly, the Wall Street Journal and Netflix created a portal that explored the history of drug trade in Medellin, Colombia. It featured original articles, videos, timelines, maps, and an interactive quiz.

Influencer marketing

A popular fashion retailer, Zara, is one example of a brand that has tapped influencers to boost its digital marketing campaign. This social media campaign involved working with several top Instagram accounts to showcase its newest collections. These posts resemble pages from a fashion magazine, providing fashion tips and updates on the latest trends in the fashion industry. For example, fashion model Irene Kim is taking over Vogue stories to promote new fashion items.

Search engine optimisation

SEO is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. It is one of the primary methods by which users navigate the web. The results of a search are presented in an ordered list, with the first result receiving 40-60% of total web traffic. Second and third place results receive much less traffic. Moreover, only two to three percent of searchers click on the second and third page, which means a small increase in search engine ranking can result in a great deal more traffic and business.

Content marketing

Content marketing has a long history, spanning from the days of The Furrow to the present. Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, your content must answer a need or curiosity. Today, 61% of U.S. online consumers buy products based on recommendations from a blog. And 79% of online consumers spend half or more of their time researching products before purchasing them. In this age of the Internet, you need to show up to attract new customers and retain current ones.


Retargeting is a form of digital marketing in which ads are shown to a specific group of people based on their previous interactions with the brand. It has numerous benefits for digital marketers, including better targeting and early performance. Marketers can determine which products and services are relevant to their audience by analyzing their sales data. For example, Nasty Gal ads introduce diverse clothing for millennials. These ads can be helpful in increasing conversion rates by 150%.

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