Vancover Fashion Week a”hot Topic” On Chinese Social Media

Vancouver Fashion Week is one of the famous fashion weeks which has got remarkable progress since 2001. Vancouver Fashion Week held in Fall and Winter sessions every year. This special week held regularly in Chinese Culture Center, Vancouver, Canada and Fall/Winter 2016 session was 27th session since 2001. This show beautiful represents the diversity of fashion designs in different countries across the world on regular basis. Interest communities can find hot designs of Fall/Winter in these shows which show latest trends of fashion and new style of clothing varieties both for men and women. Almost 100 shows have been done across the world and got very good response from every country participants. Vancouver fashion turns on Chinese and in North American areas, this fashion weekend got amazing response due to great variety and awesome collection of latest fashion trends. Vancouver Fashion Week has become a hot topic in fashion industry because there are any reforms has been seen by fashion expertise which leaves good impact on participants and give them new fashion awareness to use unique and modern lifestyles for various events & celebrations. All the fashion representatives performed very well and give a new trend to the world with modern lifestyles.

Role of Fashion Media to Organize Fashion Weeks

For talented emerging designers this weekend has great attraction and much more variety of fashion which represent the quickest developed fashion varieties for men and for women as well. London, France, Milan, New York, Paris and some other countries, this fashion show leaves long tern effects on new fashion brands and they learned a lot to prepare unique styles of fashion for different occasions and for different parties. Fashion media is active to receive and to introduce latest updates regarding top fashion weeks around the world. Emerging fashion designers have lots of options to choose new fashion trends which introduces in fashion weeks as well as for open international markets. Brilliant shows have been held in everywhere in the world and the response is favorable. Chinese brilliant sows expose the actual fashion needs and latest fashion reforms which experts introduce in fashion weeks. VFW is an excellent event which is regularly held many times in different parts of the world and the founder of VFW JAMAL ABDOUREHMAN said that “we have make our fashion week as a large celebration for fashion, the designer, fashion journalists, fashion buyers and the top medias around the world have come to our fashion week. We are proud that we have been the most treasure property for our domestic talented designers.”

Trends of Fashion Weeks in China

Every wise person knows that China is one of the favorite and best fashion industries for fashion lovers which have lots of remarkable landmarks and demanding people of latest fashion trends. International fashion market has great potential and interests for Chinese people which can be used to give awareness of latest fashion trends which match with Chinese culture and their traditions. Handsome revenue and feedback can be occurred from Chinese markets. The management of VFW is interested to organize fashion exhibitions in China and also introduce their emerging designers to China. Chinese social media is also interested to collect best fashion week pictures, movies and other promos to encourage Chinese potential customers to show their wellness and their permission to welcome international brand efforts. Social media and paper media also highlighting fashion week highlights to prepare future plans for shopping or to use new trends of fashion in different occasions and ceremonies. Chinese social media also appreciated this effort and make many fashion pages which showing their interests and their demand for new fashion trends.

Chinese Fashion Market Opportunities

Chinese fashion market is also emerging and have lots of excitements and opportunities for local and international fashion lovers. There many things which cannot be elaborated in words but a special note and fashion magazine are required to represent detail of each feature with pictures. Almost every popular fashion tries to organize international resources to conduct fashion exhibitions and latest fashion weeks which show the interests of the fashion lovers and represent the cultural values of region in different styles. Foreign fashion brands have lots of opportunities in Chinese markets to introduce new fashion trends by different way. VFW is also actively performing the fashion weeks in all over the world where people takes interests to attend fashion weeks and show their presence to adopt new year fashion trends. China itself is a big market for fashion lovers. Almost every brand wishes to become the part of Chinese fashion because there is great potential and future for fashion industry in China. When fashion weeks and fashion exhibitions held in everywhere in the world than Chinese fashion lovers takes interests in these fashion weeks and adopt best recommendable fashion trends.


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