Niche Construction Business: Garden Pub Sheds


If you are a construction wise person and are interested in starting your own business then perhaps you might want to look into starting a construction company that fits a unique niche. Lately the trend in niche construction has been the development of micro homes. That being small but fully functional and movable house construction. For people who already own an existing house the latest trend has been the building of new garden pub sheds. This idea is great for people who are looking to customize their own living space and express themselves while providing a great place to entertain guests.

The Building

There are many benefits to focusing on this type of construction. The most important one is the different rules and regulations regarding the construction of small structures on one’s property as opposed to brand new residential construction. For example in some places you are not required to attain a building permit if there are certain conditions met. Check to see what your municipalities rules and regulations are for new construction as sometimes structures under a specific square footage do not require a permit and inspection. Also in many instances you will be able to construct this type of building on skids and therefore the structure would be classified as “movable” and not be under the same set of rules as structures that are built on pads and beams.

Another thing to consider is that there will be different rules and bylaws governing areas that are considered within city limits. Often times you will be allowed to get away with more if you are building in a more rural area. Be sure to check out all laws regarding construction as you will save yourself a lot of time and effort if you are not mandated to meet certain requirements depending on location of building and size etc. Remember that there is a tolerance with building these kinds of structures as you can easily modify an existing design and it does not have to be perfect as this is not rocket science.

The Pitch

This idea of constructing a small personal space for someone is much different than the construction of a new deck or fence. Therefore when you are marketing the idea to people be sure to include that this is an extension of one’s personality and is unique to only you. There are many different templates to choose from however the final touches are what is going to make it one of a kind. Be sure to get the point across that this is not just another functional project like a carport or a garage extension.

The Materials

As we have mentioned this is a very different kind of project as it is part vanity and part functionality. Once you have classified your customer’s idea into one of the existing 15 or so templates you can start assembling materials. The concepts of a lot of these garden pub sheds vary quite a bit and you can find yourself saving thousands of dollars by refinishing and repurposing old building material and by using vintage items as decoration. For example a common theme is a more nautical one for those that either live by or appreciate the sea. If you are fortunate enough to live near the ocean then a perfect place to find useful decorative products is the beach. Sandblasted bottles and driftwood are great additions as well as old boat oars not to mention segments of old wrecks cut from the sand and treated to serve as a decorative piece. Given that you will be half selling this idea as a piece of art you can charge quite a lot for stuff you have found and have spent minimal time on.

The Product Marketing

These types of structures, are a true vision for those on social media. Bragging rights are abound when you have your very own bar or hang out so you will find that your advertising will be free once people start sharing pictures of them having fun with their friends in their very own custom pub shed. This is just another of the may way you can save money when operating a new or low scale construction company that focuses in a niche angle of the home construction industry.


If construction is your thing and you want to break out and try your hand at starting your own business then perhaps you want to think about getting a foothold in a niche building market. This is just one example of many that you can find to fill a small gap in the industry. You will find that large construction companies can not afford the time taken with such a small building that they will often not be able to take the job on. By being efficient and selective about your market and by keeping costs low you will find it to be an easier path with lower risks involved if you are looking to make construction contracting your career.