5 Common Causes of Burn and Scald Compensation Claims

Being burned or suffering a scald is a painful and dangerous thing. A burn can cause serious scarring, pain, infection, and even death. If a burn happens as a result of an accident or incident at work, it can result in a workplace compensation claim. Read on to find out more about the different types of burns and scald cases that can result in legal action.


1. Accidents in the Workplace

When you are working it is your employer’s duty to make sure you are safe and to prevent accidents in the workplace. Obviously there will be circumstances that your employer will not be able to control, but in many cases there will be procedures to follow that will significantly minimise the risk of accidents. It is important to remember that it is not only workers in the industrial sector that are at risk of burns. You can suffer a burn when you work in an office.

In the workplace, proper health and safety training should be in place to prevent accidents. Machinery and tools should be properly maintained to prevent problems. Floor space should be clear to prevent trips that could result in a burn or scald.

2. Road Traffic Accidents

You may suffer a burn when you are involved in a car accident. Many people are burned by airbags which, while being lifesavers, are often the cause of burn injuries. Vehicles may also catch fire in an accident. Often burn compensation can be given when you are involved in an accident that was not your fault, which resulted in a burn injury.

3. School and Nursery Accidents 

Children and babies often suffer much more from a scald or a burn than adults because their skin is especially sensitive and more prone to damage. If a burn happens in a school or nursery it is often because a heater or radiator is left uncovered, or a hot drink is left within the reach of a child.

4. Accidents During Surgery

Sometimes during surgery the doctor is negligent and as a result of this the patient is badly burned. Many times this injury would not have occurred had proper procedures been followed.

5. Burn Injuries in a Public Place

In a restaurant, a hot drink spilled on a customer can result in burns. A kettle left on the edge of a table in a kitchen can be the result of an injury. Burns injuries can happen anywhere – if it does occur, make sure you get proper legal help in order to receive the compensation you need.

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