Learn Essential Skills For Business Success

For people who decide that they do not want to be a part of the corporate rat race but become their own boss, they will need an array of entrepreneurial skills to help them succeed in the competitive market. These individuals need to possess the essential skills necessary to establish, develop, finance and market their business enterprises in such a competitive market.  Prominent among these essential skills that all potential entrepreneurs must possess is the ability market their business enterprises’ products and services in order to generate necessary revenue to ensure the growth and survival of business.

George Bardwil is a reputed and successful entrepreneur from Southampton, Long Island, United States who effective marketing skills have been a catalyst for enhancing the market dominance of his textile company in America. He is the proprietor and sole shareholder of Bardwil Industries, a family business that his grandfather established in 1906. Since its inception, this esteemed textile company has been a predominant player in the American textile industry and a household name.

Today, this company conducts its business operations in the states of New York, New Jersey and Ohio, where it employs a workforce of over sixty workers in these three business centers. The company focuses its attention on the manufacture of quality textile products for American homes and uses high-quality raw material from the Asian countries of India and China. Apart from being a prominent wholesaler to major US retail companies dealing in textiles, this company can boost of its owner online presences that enhances its direct sales.


Importance of marketing for entrepreneurial venture

Mr. Bardwil emphasizes that marketing is a critical component for the success and growth of a business enterprise. It is not possible for customers to pay for the products of such an enterprise unless they are aware of availability of such products. Marketing is a huge field and includes within its ambit everything from blogging online to operating successful campaigns on the visual media. Depending upon the type of industry and market environment an entrepreneur operates his/her business enterprise he/she will want to focus on a specific marketing medium.

For instance, if a particular business owner operates a technical start-up enterprise, his/her business products will get better exposure by implementing an effective marketing campaign on the internet rather than choosing a prime-time television spot. On the other hand, if the same owner deals in energy drinks, he/she is likely to get greater market exposure with a campaign on television or an event sponsorship.

However, in digital age as the internet is something that most entrepreneurs cannot afford to ignore regardless of the type of industry they operate their business activities, a vast majority of these businesspeople prefer to conduct effective marketing campaigns online.

George Bardwil emphasizes that in today’s competitive market, it is imperative for entrepreneurs to reach out to their target audience and pay attention to the type of products and services they need. This entails understanding the essential details of marketing and using the right tools to ensure that the enterprises’ products reach the target audience within the budgetary permits.